How Long Does It Take To Apply Ceramic Coating

How Long Does It Take To Apply Ceramic Coating
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Ceramic Coating is a new and popular way to protect your car from the elements. It is a transparent, thin film applied to the car’s paint and acts as a barrier against water, dirt, and other contaminants. 

Ceramic Coating a car could be challenging if you have never performed it before. It is a big task that takes a long time to guarantee that you have rightly applied a ceramic coat. But how long does it take to apply ceramic Coating?

This is probably the most commonly asked question about ceramic Coating by any car owner. So, let’s take a quick look at the article to resolve this query.

How Long Does It Take To Apply Ceramic Coating?

Applying a ceramic coating to the car takes approximately 1-2 hours.

However, the whole process of the ceramic Coating takes 2-3 days to complete. 1-2 days are spent cleaning the car and preparing it for the Coating while applying; it takes roughly 1 hour. The Coating is then allowed to cure, usually taking 12 to 24 hours.

The entire process can be done in a few hours, but it is essential to give the coating time to cure properly before driving the car or washing it.

So, if you want a ceramic coating on your car, plan on taking two to three days to get the job done right.

How Long Does It Take To Apply Ceramic Coating

What Are The Steps Involved In Applying A Ceramic Coat?

Applying a ceramic coat is a multi-step process that requires special care and attention to achieve the best results. Below are the steps involved in applying a ceramic coat:

Preparing the surface:

The most complex and lengthy stage of applying the ceramic Coating is not the application alone but preparation.

Clean the surface:

Typically, you begin with a clean car; however, there is still soap residue or debris on the surface. Spray each panel and clean it with a clean microfiber to achieve the finest finish.

Decontaminate the paint

Swipe your hand across the paint. Do you notice any small bumps? That is waxy buildup still stagnant on the paint. To remove it, a clay mitt can help immensely. Wipe that car section with the clay mitt to remove any waxy residues. You may use a spray as a lubricant while wiping.

Remove scratches (If needed)

If you are dealing with a new car, a thin polish with a finishing substance is all you need. However, a clear polish will be required to remove scars and scratches from used cars.

Apply the Ceramic Coating

This process demands precision. It should be carried out in a climate-controlled environment.

Get the applicator sponge and suede fabric. Shake the ceramic coating formula bottle and put at least ten droplets on the sponge’s lower surface. 

Wipe the sponge across the exterior of your car. To prevent clumps, wipe the sponge in constant movement. Apply the Coating in sections.

As you coat the car, ensure that the sponge is wet. Add another few drops as it soaks. This implies that you coated the whole surface of your car uniformly, and no solution is wasted.


After applying the ceramic Coating to your car, the next step is to let the coating cure. It may appear and feel dry, but it hasn’t completely cured. You must keep it dry 24-48 hours after completing the task. It is safe to drive after 48 hours!

How Do You Care For A Ceramic Coating?

Even if your car has been ceramic coated at the microscopic degree and grime no longer sticks as it once did, it will become dirty again. Sap will continue to drip from trees. The sun will retain its rays on it. 

Like oil changes for a car’s engine, the ceramic Coating needs attention similarly. So, to care for a ceramic coating:

  1. Wash the car regularly. This will remove any dirt or debris that could potentially damage the Coating.
  2. Use mild soap when washing. Harsh chemicals can break down the ceramic Coating over time.
  3. Avoid using harsh cleaners or polishes on the Coating. 
  4. You can wax the car once or twice a year. This will help to protect the Coating from UV rays and other environmental factors. It will also maintain the shine of the car.
  5. Have any chips or scratches been repaired promptly? These can allow moisture and dirt to get under the Coating, causing it to break down prematurely.

What Are The Benefits Of Ceramic Coating?

There is no denying that your car’s paint can become a bit less shiny over time. Every time you drive it, it is exposed to UV rays, smoke, gas, pollutants, and other debris, indicating the paint is gradually deteriorating.

But does ceramic Coating protect the car? The short answer is yes! Ceramic Coating is beneficial in so many ways.

1. Protection from UV rays: 

If you park your car outdoors, then the ceramic Coating is essential. You can only presume the harm that the sun’s harmful UV rays can inflict on your car’s paint. Ceramic Coating will help shield your car’s paint from oxidation, avoiding fading and blunting. 

2. Protection from chemical stains

With the city’s air pollution levels increasing, ceramic Coating can provide significant relief.

Chemical spots caused by acidic pollutants in the atmosphere are another source that could cause harm to your car. Ceramic Coating will hinder these pollutants from bonding to the paint.

3. Cost-effectiveness

You only need to create a one-time investment in the car’s ceramic Coating. It is much cheaper than regular paint adjustment services.

4. Shiny look

Who doesn’t like the sight of a brand-new car? Ceramic Coating protects your car’s exterior and gives everybody a beautiful, candy-like texture to admire. 

It will bring out the finest car paint, preserving its appearance from the day you first drove it!

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, it usually takes around 1-2 hours to apply the ceramic Coating.

A ceramic coating does take some time to apply, but the results are worth it. Follow the instructions carefully and allow proper time for drying and curing. 

With proper application, you can achieve a beautiful finish that will last a good time.

Be sure to consult an excellent ceramic coating company for great results!


Can I wash my car after a week of ceramic Coating?

Yes, you can wash after a week. Washing your car for at least seven days after the Coating has been applied is not recommended.

How long does Ceramic Coating last?

It depends on the product and how you handle your car after ceramic Coating. If treated correctly, the car lasts 2-5 years on average.

Can I ceramic coat leather?

Yes, you can. In particular, you can use a leather-specific ceramic coating on portions of your car covered with leather—for example, seats, steering wheel, etc.


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